I also run this beautiful gallery at Johann-Adolf-Straße 21 in Tönning. Various of my own works are currently hanging here. For the future I am planning exhibitions of other artists, as well as performances, workshops and other events!

I look forward to your visit during opening hours on Friday and Saturday – or you can arrange an individual viewing appointment.

My art

Born with a passion, I love nature with its colors and shapes, its materials and elements. As a child, I loved playing with and in it.
Nothing has changed to this day. Whether wood or bones, feathers, grasses or leaves, insects, man-made remains such as shards of clay or pieces of glass, whatever, I play, anchored in thoughts and feelings. The result, a perceived new creature, triggers access to continue. There is no such thing as standing still. Every second is change. There is so much to do and to recognize.