Good morning, yes a wonderful good morning. The sun is shining here in the north, I’ve been drinking my lemon water and I can assure you, the daily routine really does make you feel better.

My son @nisimasa hung this expression on my little fridge last year in March. How wonderful.

Breathing well, doing yoga and other movements that brighten up the day early in the morning give us a really good feeling for the day. And come what may, you are definitely stronger. After the lemon water, I drink a tea infusion of birch spore, which you can buy in my store.
So come on you lazybones, move your bones, let your blood dance in your veins, then you won’t be cold either. I now manage to walk barefoot in the garden even when it’s freezing. Not too long yet, but it’s working well. Catching a dog or feeding the compost heap. Every day spent on the morning routine makes us grow.